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2.9 Percent

There are no commitments and you will only be charged when you sell a ticket. To top it off, we don't hold any funds and transfer ticket sales directly to your Stripe account. With Evey, waiting for weeks after your event to get paid is a thing of the past.

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Mobile Ready Event Pages

We make it easy to customize your event page with our pre-built themes by adding your logo and main header image. You can also take full control and design your event page anyway you like with our editor. Our default theme is optimized for mobile devices.

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Check In Feature


Evey’s free check-in service enables you to track your attendees. With our easy-to-use interface and support for almost any mobile device, you can see who has checked into your event and who has yet to arrive. The ability to create additional accounts will also allow your volunteers and registration staff to easily handle check-ins. All you need is a QR scanner on your mobile device, and you're all set!

Apps and Integrations

Shopify and Mailchimp Logo

We have an app for those who run shops on Shopify and would like to host events, install Evey and start our 7 day trial.

Do you manage your attendees' email newsletter and communication with MailChimp? Evey makes it easy to sync your attendees' list with your mailing lists with our free MailChimp integration.

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